INVEST in West!

Invest In Your Child (aka “INVEST”) is a fundraising program that allows West End Middle School to receive donations year-round for the betterment of our school. This year the goal is $20,000 with 100% participation of our families.

ttmathWhat do we do with the money? This year, in addition to our continued monetary support of teacher needs and school-wide enhancements, we are raising money for “Think Through Math,” which is an award-winning online adaptive instructional program. The program works with each student individually and tracks their progress, challenging them a little more along the way. Each student has their own login and can access from anywhere, anytime. It would be a great way to spend RTI time! Other middle schools are using it and are seeing the results in improved scores!

Is $20,000 a reasonable goal? Yes! Can we count on your support?

The INVEST In Your Child campaign runs through September 30. The grade with the most dollars raised will receive a pizza party at the conclusion of the campaign. If you have more than one child at West, each child’s grade will get credit for the amount you give. Please contact with any questions or for additional information. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Our kids give their all to their education. How much can you give?

Make a one-time donation in any amount

Give a monthly donation between $10 and $250

Please select donation amount (total of 10 monthly payments).
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